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If you are not sure if the exhaust hood needs cleaning we can come out and do an exhaust hood inspection for a fee. And if it does need cleaning and you decide to have HOT SPRINGS  do the kitchen exhaust hood cleaning, the inspection charge will be included in price of exhaust hood clean.

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Kitchen Exhaust Hood Cleaning

Our Services Include:

  • Exhaust hood system cleaning
  • Filter cleaning
  • Duct and access panel cleaning (spin Jet down all vents)
  • Fan blade cleaning
  • Air balancing
  • Fan belt changing
  • Fan bearings lubricated
  • Roof grease pad changing
  • Roof top make-up-air filter cleaning

Before and after pictures!

Trained and certified as per NFPA Code 96

Micro Oil Filtration


  • Extend the life of the cooking oil and cut your oil costs by 50% or more each month!
  • Wash your Fryer with every filtration in 5 minutes! Double filtration.
  • Safely Transports your used oil to the grease dumpster! (No more slips, spills, & burns)

Kitchen hood cleaning and More

More great services for commercial kitchen hood cleaning maintenance in Boulder County

Kitchen Pressure washing

Hot Springs will focus on a clean Kitchen.

Wash  kitchen equipment, Flooring, Walls and baseboards 

Baffle Filter cleaning Service

Improper or Infrequent grease filter cleaning may lead to baked on grease and carbon deposits in this area, hot air must be able to pass through the baffle filters. The deposits can be impossible to clean if not  a regular cleaning schedule. Build up grease between the grease baffle filters can restrict the airflow through these grease filters. This restriction can  impede the grease and hot air exhaust capabilities of the grease exhaust system

Your baffle filters are the first line of defense for prevention of a grease fire in your kitchen exhaust hood.

We will pick up dirty filters, pressure wash, and polish and change out dirty filters to clean filters in exhaust hoods DAILY, WEEKLY, BI-WEEKLY, OR MONTHLY to maintain and keep grease free. 

This will lower your labor cost on cleaning the filters and help keep fan and vents cleaner longer.